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Siksika Minor Hockey Registration Form 2020-2021

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March 02, 2020

2020 Alberta Treaty Hockey Championship Rosters

Rosters will be added. CAHL teams are still into the playoffs so as soon as this playoff season is completed then certain divisions will be added.


The off reserve evaluators scores are tabulated & the top 8 are recommended by Minor Hockey. The recommended scores are presented to the existing coach or coaches & the coaches decide the final rosters. In the evaluation criteria, any player who plays an elite level, tier 1 or 2, Division 1 or 2 is automatically on the A roster (having attended evaluations or not). An A roster player may move to a B roster team at the parents request. If the coaches cannot come up with an agreed roster then Minor Hockey will determine and resolve a solution. The Novice & Pre Novice rosters were chosen by the existing coaching staff. The Junior B are amidst final cuts.

These are the official registered rosters that are submitted to Alberta Treaty Hockey, minor changes are all on a individual request basis.

Are there any pre novice players out there? If so, inquire to Laura Maguire.


Lashay Big Tobacco

Brendan Doore

Alarik Running Rabbit

Joshua Winnipeg

Cassius First Rider

Luke Duck Chief

Jordell Melting Tallow

Joel Big Snake

Chance-Kaiden Healy

Danton Winnipeg

Mason McMaster

Andrew Breaker

Casdin Doore

Devon Tribiger-WeaselHead

Kelly Bearhat - G

HC-Mick Breaker

AC- Kenton Big Snake

AC- Hector Winnipeg

AC- Nick Jerry

S- Kennedy Wolf Leg

M- Kennedy Wolf Leg

Midget Female

Joely Backfat

Dilayna Blackhorse

Darian Breaker

Sheanna Breaker

Tessa Breaker

Akira Healy

Isabelle Labelle

Teanna Manywounds

Tia Onespot

Sage Running Rabbit

Syrianna Running Rabbit

Autumn Starlight

Sheadan Wolf Child

Thelma YellowFly

Chloe CArdinal

Thomas Paige - G

HC - Darren Breaker

AC- Mick Breaker

S - Homer Breaker

M- Staycee Running Rabbit

Bantam Female

Janaya Twigg

Chloe Watson

Kaidence Ayoungman

Madelyn BearHat

Eliana Breaker

Emma Breaker

Lessia Breaker

Selena Maguire

Ayanna McDonald

Jaylyn McMaster

Charlise O'Chiese

Jamay Thomas

Hannah Breaker

Hayven Breaker

Awaiting Goalie Confirmation

HC- Chelsea Yellow Fly

AC- Buck Breaker

AC- Rayne Bearhat

S- Deanna Bearhat

M- Chelsea Yellowfly

Novice Competitive

Roca WeaselChild

Shada Duck Chief

Mateo Maguire

Grayson Jerry

Lexon Leather

Leyton Leather

Kayden Medicine Traveller

Frank Sitting Eagle Jr

Marquet Solway

Benjamin Spring Chief Jr

Jody Wells

Tennessee WolfChild-Crowshoe

Aezlyn Linklater

Diamond Calf Robe

HC- Nathan Leather

AC- Frank Sitting Eagle

AC- David Wells

S- David Sitting Eagle

M- Karli Sitting Eagle

Novice Participant

Diondre Bearchief

Melody Calf

Abigail Duck Chief

Katie Duck Chief

Meadow Healy

Shilo Healy

Slater Heavy Runner

Sophia McMaster

Dridon Red Old Man

Jarren Simeon

Anistynnn Sitting Eagle

Kali Williams

Kinsler McMaster

Khloe Crawler

Arlen Yellow Old Woman

HC- Russel Red Old Man

AC-David Sitting Eagle

S-Taryn Running Rabbit

M- Taryn Running Rabbit

Atom A

Bryan Breaker

Anthony Dixon

Teavz Linklater

Andy Many Bears

Bentley McMaster

Merik McMaster

Jackson Running Rabbit

Kale Running Rabbit

Morris Running Rabbit

Georgi Scalplock

Leland Sitting Eagle

Raj'onn Yellow Fly

Awaiting Goalie Confirmation

HC- Horton Running Rabbit

AC- Bobby McMaster

AC-Maven McMaster

S- Dora McMaster

M-Dora McMaster

Atom B

Shayla BigSnake

Christopher Black Horse

Nicholas Breaker

Taze Broad Scalplock

Timothy Calf Robe Jr

Landon Duck Chief

Moses Maguire-DuckChief

Joseph Many Guns

Evan Paul

William Pelletier

Lyman Running Rabbit

Max Three Suns

Haizen Weasel Child

Max Sitting Eagle - G

HC- Kelly Duck Chief

AC-Tim Calf Robe

S-Dora McMaster

AM- Sonja Duck Chief

M-Charmayne Black

PreNovice Major

Brinley Back Fat

Cheal Bearhat

Houston Big Snake

Crosby Breaker

Lennon Breaker

Kessel Medicine Shield

Luke Oullette

Measha Sitting Eagle

Dreyden Smith

Tyrell Smith

Taylor Water Chief

Osiris White-Dotson

HC- Dominique Oullette

AC- Kai Water Chief

S-Tim Low Horn

M- Desiree Red Old Man 

Pre Novice Minor

Brayleigh Bearspaw

Claire Calf

Conner Creighton-Black

Henley Linklater

Remi Jerry

Declan Linklater

Cooper Many Guns

Leighton Pelletier

Alexander Sparvier-Red Old Man

Tiegan Starlight

Dominick Sunwalk

Micheal Stranglingwolf

HC- Todd Red Old Man

AC- Daryll Linklater

S- Tim Low Horn

M-Karalie Red Old Man


September 29, 2019

Team White Midget 

G-Gabe DuckChief

Keandre Doore

Sage Poucette

Oshea Backfat

Cayden Medicine Shield

Dallas Medicine Shield

Jayden Leather

Zanty RedCrow

Alex House

Antonio Holloway

Levitt Ayoungman

Isiah McMaster

Drake Holloway

Jarius Calf Robe

Team Red Midget

G-Kordell Big Tobacco

Steven Calf Robe

Joe Running Rabbit

Shayle Healy

Ethan Healy

Drandon Sitting Eagle

Lacoy Holloway

Kieren Wells

Riley First Rider

Conner Red Old Man

Alex Powderface

Hayden Peacemaker

Chansen Peacemaker

Ben Stranglingwolf

Drayton Mordin

August 29, 2019




Our 2019/20 Practice Schedule is posted at the rink, there may be revisions if necessary.


Conditioning Camp & Midget Evaluations Sept 23-27, 2019

AGM Meeting - SEPT 19, 2019

Early Bird Registration Deadline - Aug 31st,2019.


Registration Deadline - Sept 20,2019.

Late fee of $100 will be applied after Sept 20th

If using kidsport/jumpstart/SFS/Laceemup please provide proof via email by Sept 20th.

Contact Karia!!


Siksika Minor Hockey Conditioning Camp (Male and Female)


Siksika Evaluations  - TBA

Bullying Seminar - TBA


Please contact us if there is interest in Female Midget Hockey


August 13, 2019

Treaty Hockey Info

AGM to be announced

February 17, 2019

Native Hockey Info

Contact a minor hockey rep if you're interested in sending a team. Do this by November 15th, 2019.

November 26, 2018

Hockey Night in Siksika ...Team India visits (Nov 26,2018)

Team India vs Team Siksika

January 15, 2019

Calgary Hitmen January 15, 2019 Memories

The Calgary Hitmen made a visit to the Deerfoot Sportsplex!!

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